Aug 15, 2008

Latest work


OK, so I'm not very good at Figure drawing. As a matter of fact, I suck. So I thought which would be the better way for a suicidal task if I paint 14 of naked bodies, which Zodiac elements in it? So this is the result. It was quite difficult to squeeze all 12 into 1 canvas (which was donated by my colleague) and to make each piece has their own color scheme and yet make the whole thing coherent. So this is the best I could come up with. Still got a long way to learn...


This is a reflection of the day I had today. Mostly I was at the blurring edge of sanity and insanity. This is also the third self portrait that I did of myself.

As my friend Elena (who is a really great artist) said: "Pacey, your arts make too much sense! Sometimes you just need to fuck what the world think and do what makes the most sense to you". And today, for the first time, I felt I did just that...

Aug 12, 2008

FLOAT Competition

Float is NUS annual competition where the students use recycled materials to build 14-footer lorry size Arts exhibition (coupled with a mechanism and dance performance). Sounds fun? I’ve been joining in 2.5 competitions and been helping out here and there as seniors mostly.

I came back Hall at about 11pm while it was raining on Thursday. I was hesitating about coming back, but I guess it was fated in a sense that I have one day off from work. So I took the whole day off, and spent the night in hall helping them. To my pleasant surprise, I’m still of some use. I got the honor to attach the last piece of prop onto the Float (cos not everyone is confident with metal wire construction). I also got to body paint the lead dancer. And I helped finish one piece of costume for the display. It’s sort of like “Project Runway” moment when I have minimal materials and 2 hours to finish a piece to walk down the runway.

Here are the highlights of the FLOAT competition

Beautiful Costumes - The joker, the king and the queen

KE Finale
Body Painting - My masterpiece

Narrator - The story teller
The last piece of prop that was attached by me (done by others)
My Project Runway moment - Before
My Project Runway moment - After
KE Float - Beautiful Joker
KE Float - Knight Helmet
With my roomie and the FLOAT
The committee who put it all together
All FLoaters f Different years
Kent Ridge Float - Magical Shoe House - The well-deserved Winner
Eusoff Float - Christmas House elves
Shear Float - Rhapsody
Raffles Float - Musical Forest

Creative Materials - KR Float - Needle wheel
Materials: Cardboard, Bicycle part, Stirrer, Can bottoms, bottle cap, Plastic Bucket, Wooden Clip Hangers
Out of focus thread: A real fanCreative Materials - KR Float - House decorative
Materials: Computer keyboard pieces (This was originally Shear's idea last year) , Origami paper, Cloth, Fruit wrapper, Spray bottle
Creative Materials - KE Float - Knight
Materials: Can drinks Cans, cardboard, book binder
Creative Materials - KE Float - Lamp
Materials: Fruit carton, Bottle Cap, Can bottom, Egg carton, Rope
Creative Materials - SH Float - Piano
Materials: Yogurt drink bottle, Bicycle chains, Cans, RopeCreative Materials - EH Float - House pillar
Materials: Old carpet, cans, newspaper
Creative Materials - RH Float - Bee hive
Materials: Cardboard, drinking cups
Creative Materials - KR Float - Shoe house
Materials: Cardboard, Metal wire, Sandwich box, yogurt bottles, chocolate box
Creative Materials - KE Float - Chain mail
Materials: Cooper metal wire weaved together

Aug 3, 2008

Latest Artwork

I know I havent posted anything artsy lately, mostly because I was uninspired and also too busy with work. So here are my latest work for those who still love to follow this blog :)

First up, we have Buddha, my teacher. I played a bit with texture and tried to make the painting looks like a real bronze statue.

This is my first piece in my up and coming series: "True beauty". The series will go beyond cliche conventional concept of beauty and try to redefine it. This piece conveys the beauty of youth regardless of age.

Fall in Love, Boston
Fall is coming in the US. And I miss the foliage dearly. I also love to see the fall in New England. So what is more appropriate than a landscape of Boston, looked through the wooden window of Singapore?

Black Arts - White Lies

is the new theme of my revamped website, aiming to be launched next month. The site will focus mostly on design skills and effects, avant-garde rather than informational. There will be a lot more database and programming involved too. I cant believe in the mid of my busy schedule I still have time to do it. So stay tune ok.

My new logo :)

Jean's Registry of Marraige

I took these pictures last last week during Jean's ROM. So i thought I share their happy moments

Jul 10, 2008

Malaysia: Genting - KL trip

Screw the orders. I had a lot more stuffs in between but I'm too tired to think now. So here it is, our family Malaysia trip. I was scared of security and it was heavy so I took the photos entirely on the cell phone camera. Well if it's good, Nokia's technology is wonderful. If it's not, go buy Sony Ericson and give me. We went Genting - Casino and entertainment place, and KL - capital of Malaysia


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