Sep 30, 2007

Sep 29, 2007

New CD

These are the cover for the CD I just compiled to help me relax my fucked up mind. Check out the songs and if you are currently needing some musical therapy I can lend it to you. No sales though, scared of copyright infringement. Muahahaa...



FALLing in Love...

This is my latest Tshirt creation to celebrate the Fall and to celebrate love :)

In front:
So you can see the word "Fall" is both a verb and a noun. The rest are falling leaves

At the back:
Well, it speaks for itself

Shall I wear THIS to school?

Sep 23, 2007

Arts is the cure

It was a rather depressing week with bad news flying all over the place as if I'm some sort of garbage dump. First my Dad had a tumor (and my Mom refused to tell me until she knew it was not cancer). Then my ex flying over for eye lasic (Supposed not to be bad news, but at times like these it is). And I didn't finish my assignment on time for submission. Also, I wanted to meet my HYP professor this week but the entire week I did nothing so I didn't have the gut to meet him.

Anyway, that's minor details. So i spent 2 days for Arts therapy. I painted 2 Tshirts, 1 for Fushan and 1 for James. Image below. I also had my freaking hair cut. Somehow with me having a haircut is always so melodramatic, it's like removing a part of me and my depress tumor. I took some nice photos at the mid autumn festival here. I also filled Roger's wall with my photos. Arts is both creation and destruction at the same time. So oh well, at least he has a nice wall and I have a nice world :)

Enjoy the images

Shadow wall
This is the wall of my bed room. This is like a reflection of myself right now, fragmented into pieces and stitched together. It's just the pieces of where I've been and the people who have made an impact on my life. Took me 5 hours and Roger said "Actually it's quite breath taking". I have always wanted to do something with the boring wall in my house but my Mom wouldn't let me. So well, now is the time for my soul to be free

Nostalgic, isn't it?
Burned out candle
Lantern and the moon
Kids and fireworks
The blur is on purpose

Kids and fireworks 1
Infiniti sign
Kids and fireworks 2
PacevoluTion shirt
I thinkI should mass produce these to sell :)

Sep 15, 2007


I'm not engulfed in darkness. I'm darkness itself...

This is the result of a long day, a lot of confusing thoughts and a bit of alcohol. I finished it at 4am in the morning.

Oil on Canvas
21cm x 29cm

Sep 9, 2007

Till we have masks

This year Hall Play is gonna be pretty grand. And I'm the co-director. Well, mostly I will deal with artistic direction for props, sets, costumedesigns, lights and sounds and that sort of stuffs. We have another director to deal with the cast (Since I'm not so free and the play is very languagely cheem, so...)
It's called "Till we have faces" so I thought, what if we let all of them wear a mask. It's like no one is of real skin (except for the 2 lead characters, one is so innocent she doesn't even have a mask, one is so ashamed she decides to even hide her mask under a thick veil) So well, here are the initial designs of the masks.
All designs are drawn in Photoshop so maybe with brush and oil color the actual masks will be nicer.
The play will be in theater coming Feb 2nd :) A few days before my 23rd birthday. Muahaha

The Fox - Earthly wisdom
The character is like the king's adviser, who is wise and logical. Therefore, I used straight lines to indicate logic and earth/yellow color on white base to indicate his down to earth quality
Bardia - The dedicated warrior
The hero character of the play. I decided to use black and blue for the traditional values of bravery, loyalty and boldness (sort of Chinese Mask master colors) The design is thick and bursting out like flames to convey his strength and dedication.

The king - Fragmented Beast
The bloodthirsty, angry, cowardice king. Using metaphor of a broken mirror, I broke his face into small sharp pieces with red and black. Black for darkness and red for blood and danger. The gold lining brings out his royalty as a king.
Argan - Foolish evil
A minor character, who is a prince that is hunting his brother to get the rightful inheritance of the throne. He's dangerous but also foolish at the same time. So reminded me of a clown, also with dark sharp dagger like design, it conveys his danger.
Priest - His holy mischievousness
The priest who is more powerful than the king since he speaks words of Gods. White and silver base for Holiness, fine red curvy lines for mischievousness and hidden danger. Also, the design is as opposed to Fox as to contrast the character.

Trunia - Youthful prince
The other prince, who is lively, flirtatious but at the same time honest and proud. The green brings out his youth and his humor while the yellow base conveys something very human, very relatable.Redieval - Innocently envious
A pretty princess who is foolish enough to cause a lot of troubles. She envies her own sister. But she did no harm on purpose. So purpose is the base for innocence, foolishness. The curvy green lines remind us of ivy, for her self-contradictory, twisted thoughts and envy.
The Maid
Temple staffs

So there are the 10 masks designs. They will go through quite some changes before being finallized. Maybe when the props designs and all other designs are done I'll post them here too.
Again, the play is coming in Feb, so make sure you get tickets before they run out :)

Sep 2, 2007

Till we have faces

In an effort to prove my complete and utter failure to produce arts lately, I inspired to put on some arts work from HBO's Original series: "Six feet under", taken by their series designer and artist.
In case you don't know what "Six feet under" is about (you must have lived in a cage for the last 10 years), it's about a family who owns a funeral business. The family is distorted and dysfunctional. Each and everyone is damaged and destroyed psychologically and emotionally. Every episode they have to provide their service to a dead person. And through facing death everyday of their lives they come together to live and celebrate lives. It's dark and twisted and full of black humor, but it's full of Artistic and cynical realistic views.
Here are the artworks from Clair Fisher, the youngest daughter of the family, who is a photographer. It was made by a bunch of close ups of the face, tore it off and then paper mache' back into the face. The actors then wear the masks and get their photo taken. It provides a multi-dimensional and truthful assessments of humans. Even with our own skin everyday we are hidden behind our mask, the mask of what people see us and think that we are. We are always hidden behind our own fear, anger and emotions.

David Fisher- The middle son, funeral director, gay, Christian, internalized homophobia and emotionally damaged

Nathaniel Fisher - Oldest son, liberal, sentimental, irresponsible and childish
Ruth Fisher - Mom, control freak, conservative
Claire Fisher - Youngest daughter, smoke crack and have self-destruction tendency, dark and depressed outlook of life.

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